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Dj Niamek | Dive Dj Niamek | Dive

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Really nice!

Hey man! Great work here! This track is very well structured and flows very well! I love the fact you programmed all your own sounds! Many people here on NG like to use presets and that really upsets me because the song then lacks personality! I can tell you put alot into this! I really enjoyed listening to it! I do have to say though, I would kick up the sub bass a little, as the song lacks a little bit of drive and energy that that sub bass would more than likely fill! I though it was just the headphone I was using but I switched to my bass headphones and it was still not picking up much on that super low frequency! Overall a very nice song! Great work!


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Silta responds:

Thanks so much for your review!
A lot of effort indeed went into the technical and melodic structure, I'm glad it paid off. I agree with your point about the bass, though. I was having a lot of trouble mixing in all those different basses without the EQ seeming to be really heavy on the bass side and thus muddying up the mix. I understand in professional tracks the high frequencies and low are in a really good balance and I guess here I was more concerned about that high end of the spectrum xD But I'll be working on that, thanks for the tip, and thank you very much for listening and taking the time for a review! :)


Swiss Miss Swiss Miss

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First off, Welcome back dude! Been a super long time! I think you have really found your niche here with this one! it's super melodic! I love the intro. My only suggestion is turn the kick up a little bit to give the song some more drive! great work man!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey man! For just getting FL you sure have the ability and talent to go pretty hard! Good use of the sequencer and percussion! most people blow big balls when first starting out you held it down!!!

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youngcasper responds:

hey dude thanks a bunch for the 10 spot homie!

Zero Hour (2011) Zero Hour (2011)

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Man I love this song! So damn epic! never add vocals to a masterpiece like this! Pure instrumental slaughter! Love the drums, did you program these or do you actually play drums? if these are programmed you have one hell of a drum machine! Add another fan to your list man!

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! Please check out my website for more music if you really like this one: So, all the instruments you hear are real instruments and not programmed. The only thing that's programed are things like extra sound effects (large boom and hit sounds) orchestra and choir samples. Although they are sampled from live choirs and orchestras I still had to program the MIDI information. At first when I was writing it, I did program the drums to get a few ideas, but ultimately I recorded real drums in the studio. Again, thanks for your review!

god's wrath god's wrath

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Not bad!

I was diggin it man! had a overall sense of atmosphere that alot of songs here lack. I do doubt though that it received radio play! I am a producer/audio engineer and I can tell you this song is not eq'd for radio the frequencies mash up causing blurs in focal points and transitions. through a stereo the kick drum would be nearly impossible to hear as no low frequncies are really present it is just the preset being used.

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i9incher responds:

no it got played. i mean, it's better to have a kick drum that is too low as apposed to one that is overpowering the rest of the song. i was as shocked as you are but i am glad that you enjoyed it at least. but i mean, mastering is most likely my biggest problem as all of my stuff is either over labtop speakers or hd headphones. i can look up tutorials but once i get better speakers it will hopefully be eq'ed for high quality places.

{Dj Simmy} Soothing Journey {Dj Simmy} Soothing Journey

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You get a 10 for the smooth transitions in this track man! I enjoyed listening to it anticipating what was coming next! if they made a direct sequel to Earthbound this song would be in it =P

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Simmy53 responds:

Thanks so much!

Watchtower - Revisited Watchtower - Revisited

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Man o Man

The vocals in this song are really nice! I love the guitar also! I can't put my finger on the name of the band but this song reminds me so much of them! great work!

NorthStar (TimmyDope) NorthStar (TimmyDope)

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Apparently zero bombers found they're way to your track! I enjoyed the song though man nice use of a looperman accapella! wish the bass had more ummph but overall pretty sweet song you got here man!

TimmyDope responds:

Hahaha yeah man they always do!! It happens to most people. The top 5 is never the "Real" Top 5. They should have a system where if you give a 0-2 you have to write the reason why before it will submit your vote... that would sort out the sheep from the men!! Anyways glad you like the track. Its still a WIP I plan to make the base have more umph and the piano riff im going to expand upon when the beat goes silent. Thanks for your feedback!

Krowe - Juggernaut Krowe - Juggernaut

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don't know how but.....

I dont even listen to dubstep but you managed to keep me here for the whole song great work man!!! digging this track 100% now gtfo off newgrounds and go make me more tracks like this !!!!!!!

UncleSqueezins responds:

"now gtfo off newgrounds and go make me more tracks like this !!!!!!!"

Awwww how sweet <3

Haha yeah I know what you're implying by that :P But I'm here to stay as I want as much exposure as possible. However, I will continue to make more tracks so you can have that to look forward to :)

-Winter Solstice- -Winter Solstice-

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good but......

this song has such potential but came of so flat to me some parts are way to muffled I really want to see a rework or a mastery fix of this pm me if you ever release anything specific to this track!

ChronoNomad responds:

Okie doke. I generally prefer to move forward rather than back, but since I've gotten a couple similar comments on the mastering I may just make an exception. Thanks.